John Kaufka

The musical artist that is John Kaufka is actually a guy from Guatemala, Central America, named Geovany Moreno. In the last 7 or 8 years, he has made an enormous impact on electronic music.

John Kaufka is a very prolific artist ... his first few releases were on glued records.

John Kaufka began his career with a single entitled "interprete desconocido" single which was closely followed by the album "Phobos Nibiru". Opening with "undefined". Harsh, cerebral, unique. Nevertheless "brainfuck3r" wound up in end of year. After that Kemtaki-eye was born.

Kemtaki-eye and the album called "I need a record label" also was very popular at the end of the year 2002. For several people in guatemala that album made a difference in the terms of production. It seems like he was on the studio working hard to get that album whit that atmosphere. Kemtaki-eye was the bridge between brainfuck3r and INki Druifty Casseta.

He describes the musical process as
"...not thinking what you are doing."
"the ideas and things start to flow," he explains,
"it`s everything between your brain and your computer".
you dont have to worry about things like chords and notes."
"The music is like silence" You can hear it if you want. takes at least four or five listens to absorb even the basic structures of the record" was dross_dot's comment on the follow-up "assprop (INKI Druifty Casseta)" release.

John Kaufka has since gone on to release the albums "assprop" and the awesome newie "como masturbarse en caso de emergencia" both of which have continued to challenge the industry...

John Kaufka has also been known as INki Druifty Casseta - Kemtaki-eye and brainfuck3r

His most recent release is named "I dislike" by John Kaufka

In the discography section you can download all his works.

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